City in Southern Ukraine!

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Nikolaev Ukraine is well known for shipbuilding in Ukraine. But did you know that Internet Technology (IT) is also big business in Nikolaev Ukraine? Also called Mykolaiv or Mykolayiv. Ukraine is known as the Bread Basket of Europe as well. The Black Sea is just an hour away. Great place to spend the day in Summertime.

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Nikolaev Photos

Birds on Sovietskaya...
nikolaev ukraine

Weekends bring out the best of Nikolaev with many things to do and sights to see. 

Birds and snakes are a common sight on Sovietskaya for picture taking.

Tiger at Nikolaev Zoo...
nikolaev ukraine

The Mykolayev Zoo (also known as the Nikolaev ZooPark) is a popular place to visit in Nikolaev. 

The zoo is considered one of the best in Ukraine.

Kid's at The Zoo...
nikolaev ukraine

The Nikolaev Zoo has many exhibits and rides to. 

This is a statue the all the kids play on while visiting the zoo.

Hippopotamus at The ZooPark...
nikolaev ukraine

Exhibits at The Nikolaev Zoo come alive with all the animals there. 

Sometimes, they just want to take a rest from all the excitement.

Horse Rides in Nikolaev...
nikolaev ukraine

Nikolaev is well known for the horse stables just outside the city. 

The Equestrian Sports Facility boards many horses in Nikolaev.

Equestrian Sports Facility...
nikolaev ukraine

The Equestrian Sports Facility is well known throughout Ukraine for it's professional staff of house trainers and vast grounds.

Watermelons to Market...
nikolaev ukraine

Watermelons find their way to market all over the city of Nikolaev during the summertime. 

Many vendors sell in the markets big and small.

Beautiful Woman and Sunflowers...
nikolaev ukraine

During the summertime, sunflowers are everywhere just outside the city of Nikolaev. 

Wheat and corn are also big crops.

Water Well...
nikolaev ukraine

It's not uncommon to find a water well at the farm houses outside Nikolaev. 

This one has plenty of water.

Nikolaev City Park...
nikolaev ukraine

Nikolaev is full of parks around the city.  While some are small, there are parks of all sizes. 

Victory Park is one of the largest.

Sidewalk Kiosk...
nikolaev ukraine

Sidewalk Kiosks are everywhere in Nikolaev serving everything from hot doks to roasted chicken.

Concerts in Nikolaev...
nikolaev ukraine

Concerts are a common attraction in Nikolaev during the summer. 

Holidays and major celebrations bring with it lots of fun and entertainment.

Beautiful Woman and Flowers...
nikolaev ukraine

Beautiful women are everywhere in Nikolaev. 

Moms and Daughters are often seen having fun in many parts of the city of Nikolaev.

Fall or Autumn in Nikolaev?...
nikolaev ukraine

Nikolaev has many tree lined streets throughout the city. 

The cooler months bring with them lots of leaves and wet weather.

Church in Nikolaev...
nikolaev ukraine

Many churches are ornate and beautiful both on the inside and outside. 

Services are held regularly and everyone is invited.

Religion in Nikolaev...
nikolaev ukraine

While there are many who go to church on Sundays; weekdays can be busy too. 

The doors are always open at most churches in Nikolaev.

Nikolaev Phone Booth...
nikolaev ukraine

While phone booths are becoming a thing of the past, there are still many located throughout Nikolaev. 

Mykolaiv has a sea port that's busy 24/7 with transportation commerce in and out of the city. 

It has easy access to highway and rail transportation. 

Nikolaev Ukraine is a city with a population of just under 500,000. 

Mykolayiv Ukraine was founded in 1789. 

Many main streets are tree lined and easy to navigate just about anytime of the day.

Tanker trucks and ships

Grains and oils are common commodities that are loaded everyday from the Nikolaev ports. 

Tanker trucks haul much of the liquids into the ports. 

This is a twenty four hour operation year round. 

The shipyards are also used for maintenance and repairs of shipping vessels from around the world. 

Nikolaev offers a wide variety of business opportunities.

Cafes and sidewalk bars

Nikolaev has many cafes throughout the city. 

From pizza to traditional foods like borsch, the variety of menus is great. 

Restaurants can be found near the river at reasonable prices. 

If you like fast food, there are many options as well.

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Private, Semi-Private and Mini Group...

Young students get personal attention in our special course. Private lessons are usually best for most students. Semi-Private is perfect for brother and sister, friends or young learners who have a similar level of English. Mini group with 3 to 5 students is a great way to speak English fast.

Speak English Faster at Larisa English...

At Larisa School of Language our teachers are required to speak English while teaching as much as possible. Russian and Ukrainian languages are used to explain grammar. Students are encouraged to attend Larisa Saturday morning English Club from 10am to 12pm. Larisa English Club is always free and fun!

Schedule for Busy Students...

Lessons can be scheduled just about any time including mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends. Lessons are 60 minutes. Lessons can be scheduled to meet students educational schedules including sports activities, music, arts and other after school projects.

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Homes in Nikolaev...
Mykolaev Ukraine

Homes of all styles can be found in Nikolaev from artistic to modern. 

Many home interiors have been remodelled to current European standards. 

Modern Building...
Mykolaev Ukraine

Modern buildings are everywhere in Nikolaev with new construction for offices and flats.

Historic Buildings...
Mykolaev Ukraine

Historic buildings located throughout Nikolaev can be a great investment for just about any purpose including stores and offices.

Summertime Water Fountain...
Mykolaev Ukraine

Summertime is a great time to visit Nikolaev where you will find cool spots around the city.

Water fountains are everywhere in Nikolaev.
Lotto in Nikolaev...
Mykolaev Ukraine

Yes, the lottery is alive and well in Ukraine. 

Most people don't play it.  It is a novelty here among Ukrainians.

Basketball in Nikolaev...
Mykolaev Ukraine

Basketball is alive and well in Mykolaev. 

Games are held at the stadium and are always extremely loud and exciting to attend. 

This game was between Mykolaev and Kyiv.

Park Benches...
Mykolaev Ukraine

Park benches line many streets in Nikolaev from one end of the city to the other. 

There are many designs large and small throughout the city.

Nikolaev Basketball...
Mykolaev Ukraine

Enthusiastic crowds always fill the stands for every basketball game in Nikolaev.

Adult Playing in Water...
Mykolaev Ukraine

Summertime, just about everyone wants to have a little fun with the kids in Nikolaev. 

This pool was just set up at an outdoor playground for the kids.

Pastries and Cakes...
Mykolaev Ukraine

Street vendors are plentiful weekends and holidays on Sovietskaya. 

From pastries to pies, cookies and cakes, always fresh, always fun.

Anchor Monument...
Mykolaev Ukraine

Monuments are everywhere in Nikolaev.  From statues to ship parts. 

You never know where you will find something new in Nikolaev.
Lenin Statue...
Mykolaev Ukraine

Nikolaev is an interesting city for sure.  So many places to visit and learn about the city and Ukraine.

Ducks on Sovietskaya...
Mykolaev Ukraine

Weekends and weekdays bring out the vendors with rides of all kinds for the kids.

Litter of cats...
Wild cats in Mykolaev Ukraine

These cats appeared out of nowhere as they were resting near a building near Sovietskaya.

Celebrated Veterans...
Riverfront in Mykolaev Ukraine

The Zavodskiy District is located in the west of the city.

In this area, many industrial enterprises are concentrated.

It also includes neighborhoods Lescaut and Alluviation, as well as towns of Velykaya Koreniha and Malaya Koreniha.

Day Excursion Ship...
Mykolaev Ukraine shopping

This ship was docked in Nikolaev for day excursions up and down the river.

It is one of the best kept secrets in Nikolaev.

Night On The Town...
City of Mykolaev Ukraine

The Leninskiy District is located in the east of Mykolaiv. Among other things, it includes the new Horticulture,

YUTZ, New Watering, Old Watering. The district has a zoo, bus and railway stations.

Night Time in Nikolaev...
Mykolaev Ukraine

Many shops stay open late on Sovietskaya.  Foot traffic only. 

No automobiles are allowed on Sovietskaya except for delivery and service vehicles.

Outdoor theater near river

The City of Nikolaev is well known for it's shipbuilding and rivers. 

Nikolaev is also full of cafes and restaurants throughout the city. 

There are many parks and monuments.  Nikolaev Flats are Cheap considering prices in Odessa.

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